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The Agricultural Company La Fenice was founded in 2010 as organic spice manufacturer, pointing its focus on the wild fennel seed plantation. 

The love for spices and herbs then turns into the interest and desire of testing their use in the processing of alcohol in order to have unique and characteristic handmade liqueurs, which are the result of a fervent creativity in the choice of raw materials to be mixed, some of them are directly cultivated by the company (such as wild fennel seeds and crusco peppers). In terms of productive diversification, in 2017 was launched the first liqueur, a digestive made with wild fennel seeds and herbs characterized by a very original taste.

The main office of La Fenice company is located in Baragiano, a small village in the province of Potenza, whose historical centre, standing on a hill, is perfectly assimilated in the surrounding landscape. Down the village there is the commercial district, known as Baragiano Scalo. Colours of country around the village are the setting for a very picturesque landscape.

Beauty and local traditions go on to inspire La Fenice company in the production of new handmade products, whose flavours and scents evoke an authentic character typical of our land.

The mood of La Fenice company is well represented by its own name, that is its tendency to a continuous renewal and rebirth in order to promptly and tenaciously  grab opportunities of an ongoing changing world.